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Things We Love…

Things We Love…

We love some of these recent Gardner Colby installations! This proves it…art can make a room come alive!

‍The texture of this organic Ran Adler installation of thorns flows nicely over “Unwinding” triptych by Claire Kendrick (oil on canvas).
‍The serenity of a Ken Otsuka painting greets guests in this seaside entry hall.

New Arrivals…

John SchuylerStrati 73, acrylic, 48″x48″
Claire KendrickSand and Dune, oil 48″x48″

Some highlights from our collection…

Claire McArdle, Torso Irlandese (marble 35″x8″x8″) and Estella Fransbergen, Mother of Pearls (mixed medium 30″H)
Alicia ArmstrongUntitled, oil 24″x66″