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New Artist, Movement and Texture

What’s New?

Artist: Liz Barber Leventhal

We are very excited to introduce abstract painter Liz Barber Leventhal to Gardner Colby Gallery fans.  We love the light and airy effects Liz is able to produces on her large canvases!

Liz Barber Leventhal, Shell Collecting (mixed medium 36×70)

Liz Barber Leventhal studied painting 

at the Massachusetts College of Art 

and Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. 

Liz paints organic shapes reminiscent 

of nature, using soft and translucent colors, 

fluid brushstrokes, creating atmospheric 

landscapes with movement and light.

More Reasons to Buy Fine Art…Movement and Texture.

Artwork can create movement, texture and rhythm in a room, to enhance your other furnishings and provide a dynamic focus.

‍This combination of a Ran Adler installation and Claire Kendrick triptych illustrate movement and texture in the room

The following 3 pieces, all New Arrivals to the gallery, are a perfect way to add movement and texture to your home…

Susan MoroskyBlue Cove I, acrylic, 48″x72″
Estella FransbergenButterfly Girl
Suzanne CrockerPush and Pull, oil 60″x60″
Eileen CorseLook Out Below, oil 40″x40″