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More Reasons to Buy Fine Art…

Where To Hang Your Artwork

Often it’s obvious where to hang a great piece of art that you love…

A large piece should be placed in the room so it becomes the focal point, as the image below proves.

But…don’t forget your hallways….they are ideal for a series of smaller paintings or photographs, so you can see the work close up and appreciate the details.

And…how about a niche or a nook?  A painting can work, but these spots are often perfect for sculpture, as in the gorgeous sculpture installation below.

This large abstract (left) by John Schuyler makes a dramatic focal point, while the Claire McArdle marble figure is perfection nestled in this dramatic niche (right)!

New Arrivals…

It’s November (how can that be?)…we have a lot of new and exciting artwork arriving at this time of year.  Stop by the gallery, click on any of the images below to see more, or visit us on the web!

Rebecca Kinkead, Starry Night, 60x48 oil
Stan Moeller, With a Book on the Beach, 9x12 oil
Doug Foltz, In a Cuban Mood, 36x60
Alicia Armstrong, Flocked, 24x24 oil
Claire Kendrick, Beach Pass, 36x36 oil