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Artist Spotlight: Michael Wisner!

Artist Spotlight: Michael Wisner Pottery!

"This group is some of my best pieces yet. Striking the right harmony between patterns and vessel forms sometimes takes time. When both pattern and form come together and harmonize I am grateful to have been part of the process...this is the most rewarding moment as an artist and what seems to fuel my curiosity to keep exploring more ideas."-Michael Wisner

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Michael uses clay he finds in the mountains of the Western US.  
Combining traditional techniques with contemporary modern patterns inspired by nature, each exquisite piece of Michael Wisner pottery is delight for the senses!"I look at the creative process as a collaboration between nature and the artist where each has a voice in the process. Art is a celebration of our contact with the natural world. Beautiful places inspire us and become a mirror that reflects inside and helps to stir creativity to the surface."  Michael Wisner