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Meet our new Artists!

Meet our new Artists!

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Introducing photographer Susan Forrest Castle!
Susan's large photographs of dramatic cloud formations and seascapes are sublimated into aluminum, creating an etherial and painterly quality.  
Each photograph is unique, as only one of each image will be sold.

Introducing Sculptor...Bruce Niemi! Niemi welded his first sculpture at the age of 12 under the tutelage of his father, Frank and his love of sculpture began. He has numerous pieces incorporate and private collections throughout the U.S. and Europe. Neimi hasbeen pursuing his passion, fulltimefor 31 years and he continues to create sculptures that are meant to bepositive and uplifting but wants you, the viewer to use your imagination.

Introducing artist Donna Bruni...
“Color, energy and emotion are the foundation of my visual style and painting process. I love the fluid materiality of oil paint and the process of transforming two-dimensional surfaces into dynamic, layered compositions through interaction of color, form and line. My paintings blend elements of nature with abstraction as a means to create visual poetry.”  Donna Bruni

Introducing new artist Michael Wisner...
Michael uses clay he finds in the mountains of the Western US.  
Combining traditional techniques with contemporary modern patterns inspired by nature, each exquisite piece of Michael Wisner pottery is delight for the senses!"I look at the creative process as a collaboration between nature and the artist where each has a voice in the process. Art is a celebration of our contact with the natural world. Beautiful places inspire us and become a mirror that reflects inside and helps to stir creativity to the surface."  Michael Wisner