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Kudos to Artist Claire Kendrick!

Artist Claire Kendrick has been awarded by the Provincetown Community Compact, Inc., a coveted residency at the “C-Shape” Dune Shack. Located in Cape Cod National Seashore, many famous artists and writers have lived in these rustic dune shacks, seeking isolation and enhancing their creativity….most notable being Eugene O’Neill, Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer and Jackson Pollock.
Kendrick,Through The Dunes 36x36 oil

“The thought of working in isolation is both wondrous and frightening, I consider granting myself total emersion a great gift away from the commitments of everyday life. As a painter I know the importance of solitude and the role it has in developing ones creativity. Some would say this seems like an extreme length to go in the pursuit of time alone but an idea or inspiration born of such a commitment seems to have attracted a long list of notable artists and writers in American history. They have gravitated to this wondrous, beautiful place seeking time in Nature to be surrounded by it and leave the distractions of daily life behind.”

Kendrick_Bring Me To The Shore_48x72_Oil
Kendrick_Floating On Silence_48x72_Oil