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"Double Vision" Theresa Girard & Mary Parkman exhibition

“Double Vision”

Abstract and Floral Art Come Together in a Carefully Curated Gardner Colby Gallery Exhibit

Combining Theresa Girard’s abstract paintings and Mary Parkman’s expressive floral canvases proves that two different styles of painting can come together harmoniously to create a beautifully curated art exhibit at Gardner Colby Gallery. The success of this exhibit is attributed to a vision shared by these two friends who are both based in Naples, Florida. Girard offers her intuitive abstract paintings, with their distinctive shapes and lines that draw the viewer in, while Parkman provides expressive bold brush strokes which produce depth and interest in her eye-catching floral paintings. The two artists’ paintings show together beautifully, with both artists delivering visionary pleasure with striking and distinctive large scale paintings.  

Mary Parkman with "Wild About You" (64x72")

Theresa Girard with her abstract paintings.

Both artists grew up in the eastern US, and each spend time in coastal New England during the summer months.  Here is some brief biographical information highlighting the diverse accomplishments in their backgrounds....

Theresa Girard would be the first to tell you that she does not fit into a traditional role.  A native of Providence, RI and involved in the arts from an early age, she crafted her own education while studying early 20th Century contemporary artists and abstract expressionism.  

A color expert and educator for a large manufacturing company, she advanced to the top of her career in marketing, education, and training before making the leap to pursuing her painting as a professional fine artist.

Theresa is the founder and former Art Director of Access to Art, a community based fine art program.  Ms. Girard is a nationally sought after facilitato  and instructor of a variety of artistic workshops. Her expressive paintings have been featured in several national publications including The Artist Magazine, Palette Magazine, Art Collector, Acrylics 3 and numerous books.  She is an exhibiting artist at the prestigious Providence Art Club.

Artist Statement: 

My recent paintings reflect a new confidence and purpose with paint and design. They are often driven by the weight of current circumstances, feelings, or intentions.

I begin by energizing the surface until all of the marks have freed me of any distractions. Once energized, I simplify, looking for a soft conflict in color.

Often the process repeats, developing a fast “impulse and observation” pace.

I am continually striving for the finished work to speak louder than I can communicate in words.  Theresa Girard

"Harboring Life" (60x60" acrylic) by Theresa Girard

Mary Parkman is an abstract painter whose work is varied in technique, content and subject matter.  Inspired by nature, Parkman translates the world around her using expressive paint strokes and a mostly colorful palette. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York, Boston, Atlanta and Internationally. 

Mary Parkman graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Fine Arts. She continued her study of art—primarily with Abstract Expressionists—at the New York Studio School in NYC,  and the International School of Art in Italy.  Having begun her career as a representational painter of portraits and landscapes, many done “en plein air”,  Parkman’s work is increasingly abstract, with greater focus on pure paint and process.


Artist Statement:

It’s exciting that by shifting to abstraction, drawing recedes allowing pure paint to take over and process to show.

 My floral paintings consider the same elements as when painting an abstract painting. I put paint on the canvas and push and pull with the paint: addressing value, color, shape and mark making until I achieve a balance and sense of space that feels complete. Though making a “representational” painting, it is not just about the hydrangeas or roses—but a more complicated balance of what I see and feel within, in combination of what the viewer sees and feels. This balance is constantly in motion. Underneath the finished painting, there are a myriad of paintings the viewer doesn’t see. All of those buried layers represent equations that were wrestled with before I moved on.   

 How do I know when a painting is done? I don’t. I just have to stop.”  Mary Parkman

"Pearly Queens" (48x48" acrylic) by Mary Parkman

We asked both artists…

Three Questions about their artistic journeys.

Theresa Girard 

Why did you become an artist? 

“ I was driven in that direction at a young age because it gave me a voice to express myself”

Name three artists that inspire you the most? 

“Cecily Brown”

“Early Dibenkorn”

“Al Lachman- who is my beloved mentor”

What do you listen to while painting in your studio? 

“ In the morning I listen to classical. In the afternoon I like salsa” 

"Sitting Here in Limbo" (30x30" acrylic) by Theresa Girard

Mary Parkman 

Why did you become an artist?

“I come from a family of artists and thus I always created art and so I don’t feel that I became an artist. There was a time when I felt uncomfortable calling myself an artist because I thought it sounded pretentious. I don’t feel that way any longer because the daily life of an artist is hard work! It is not glamorous or of greater importance than anyone else’s life. It is what I do and I do my best”

Name 3 artists that inspire you the most?

“Piero Della Francesca- for his classical compositions and creation of space”

“Richard Diebenkorn- for straddling the world of abstract and realism in his art”

“Fairfield Porter- for his use of value and negative shapes” 

What do you listen to while painting in your studio?

“Sometimes I play classical rock music if I need to get the energy up and sometimes when in the intensity of the work I like it quiet”

"Morning Blooms" (48x60" acrylci) by Mary Parkman

“Double Vision” art exhibit is a combination of two very talented women artists sharing their life's work, creative paintings and talents. Each painting, in it’s own way, elicits a feeling that draws the viewer in, to be mesmerized by the detail and beauty of the artwork. Gardner Colby Gallery is honored to represent these two gifted woman artists, Theresa Girard and Mary Parkman. 

artists Theresa Girard and Mary Parkman

Gardner Colby Gallery is a fine art gallery located in the Third Street Shopping District of downtown Naples, Florida. Representing contemporary American artists with styles ranging from abstract, to transitional, to realism. To name just a few artists of note; Anna Kincaide, John Schuyler, Kevin Sloan, Theresa Girard, Frank Corso, Kim English, and Aaron Westerberg.