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Claire Kendrick completes an extraordinary Artists Residency program in the Dune Shacks of Provincetown

Awarded through the Provincetown Community Compact, the residency was set among the famous dunes of the Peaked Hill Bars National Historic District.  During her residency, she resided in one of the 19 well known Dune Shacks where there is no electricity or indoor plumbing. What it lacked in comfort, the shack made up for in the ‘presence’  of some very famous artists and writers who have gone before her and who had similarly worked and been inspired by the peace and isolation of the dunes.

As I look out across the ocean I think of my homeland in the North West of Ireland, the northern outpost of Europe. I feel to truly be at home here on the Cape it must be in your blood — that somehow you inherit it. My time here reminded me of my native home – Ireland. Few survive the hard winter’s and barren conditions here on the Cape, yet it is supremely magnificent. I feel that I have graduated into a select group of Dune Dwellers for it is something you have to live and experience to understand.” — Claire Kendrick

(click on image below to start the video)


Some samples of her “Plein Air” work during her residency… (click on image below to start the video)