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"Art of the Figure!" Opening Reception

Art of the Figure! -final 2018 show featuring Kimberlee Alemian, Harry Hutchinson, and Claire McArdle.

"This body of work comes out of my love of open water swimming. It combines the experience of swimming in the cool Atlantic waters, art + science. Engaging directly with place and nature, swimming, collecting flotsam and jetsam, sitting, observing, meditating and recording meteorological data, become part of the Art, and creating it becomes deeply fulfilling."-Kimberlee Alemian: Ocean Series

Top: Alemian's,Moleskin notebooks with daily water color studies                                                                                                Bottom (L): Ocean 6814 (30x40) Bottom (R): Alemian show

"Women are the preeminent subjects of Art. My paintings are dedicated to women’s rights and empowerment — a tribute to them all" - Harry Hutchinson: The Women Paintings

Left: Going in Style (48x48)          Right: Harry Hutchinson with the Gardner Colby team