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A Celebration of Beauty and Spring

Spring is the perfect time to capture one of your beauties in a portrait...
What better time than this holiday weekend to capture your children or your favorite pet in a portrait you will long cherish.

Take a look at some custom portraits by artist Tom Manziano.
When you see the photo next to the finished portrait you will be amazed!
Tom is waiting, palette and brushes in hand!  Contact us for details and pricing.


A Celebration of Beauty, Spring and Easter...
Spring is a time of renewal, and here are some Spring Beauties from our collection...
enjoy the work of  Kimberlee Alemian, Susan Morosky, Jessica Pisano, and Kevin Sloan, and be sure to SCROLL DOWN to watch Kevin’s heart-warming springtime video.  

Stay safe and healthy,
Nancy & Pamela

Kimberlee Alemian, Forsythia (36x36" Oil)

Susan Morosky, Waterfield Pond (24x48" Acrylic)

Jessica Pisano, Garden of Dreams (36x48" Oil)

Kevin Sloan, Spring in the Cherry Orchard (24x20" Acrylic)

Click on the video to see painter Kevin Sloan talk about his painting,
"Spring in the Cherry Orchard"!