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Suzanne Crocker

Suzanne Crocker (b. 1965), attributes much of her artistic knowledge to her studies with master painters and colorists, Wolf Kahn and Cynthia Packard, whose own styles developed from being students of Hans Hoffman, best known as a catalyst of Abstract expressionism. Additionally, she received art training at Montserrat College of Art and the University of Pennsylvania, where she received her BA in art history. Suzanne has devoted more than three decades of her life to the making of art. 

Suzanne’s body of work encompasses bold abstracts, beautiful nudes, and isolated rural buildings. The use of simplified forms enables her to focus on the interaction of large areas of color and emphasize the dichotomy of light and dark. She is interested in creating a painting surface that has interest of its own. By leaving evidence of the artistic process, adding marks that do not correspond with any tangible object, she reminds the viewer that the paintings are two-dimensional. The result is an expression of a unique style, full of undulating color and a sense of movement. 

Suzanne Crocker is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who In The World. She is a member of the National Arts Club, Copley Society of Art -Master Status and the Artist’s Fellowship, NYC. Corporate and Museum collections include DeCordova Museum, Corporate Loan Program, Cumberland Farms, Boston Private Bank, Boston Properties and Bay Colony Corporate Center. Most recently, one of Suzanne’s large abstracts was juried into “Off The Wall” exhibition at the Danforth Museum , which showcases the best of new and exciting contemporary work by New England artists. 

“The greatest challenge as an artist is to find my own voice. As I evolved through many stages as an artist, I added more and more invention. I found myself moving from painting from life to becoming a studio painter. In the studio, images come from within...from feeling music and from expressing energy...more so than on relying on an outside source of inspiration. To shift into a place where all focus is on the process of painting demands full focus....thoughts are pushed aside to let instinct and feeling take over.Music is necessary for me; it helps to bring me away from thought and to that other place where creativity can take the lead. My abstract paintings are a direct result of letting go and of feeling the music; I move all around the canvas creating happenings of color and line, energy and quiet, light and dark. It is Process painting. Action painting. In the end, after many sessions and letting layers build up, there is a tangible painting that is a record of the artistic experience....it is the story of a dance between artist and canvas. Someone once said the best art is that which cannot be copied. As I have evolved, I understand this more and more. The purist and perhaps most challenging art is that which has been born from an authentic experience and which cannot be reproduced because it is complex and resulting from unique steps that cannot be re-traced. It is about making something from nothing....using invention and personal voice. “ Suzanne Crocker