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John Schuyler — Glass

John Schuyler was born on Long Island, NY in 1965. After early success as a business entrepreneur, Schuyler looked toward Europe for inspiration in pursuing his love for painting. He found it in the Old World art technique of fresco and in the colors, smells, and textures of the Tuscan countryside. Schuyler’s fascination and exploration with the fresco technique progressed upon returning to the United States. Working with plaster enabled John to create many interesting and diverse textures on his canvases, giving the painting surface a very seductive quality. As he worked more and more with the frescoes his color become simplified, making texture and “feel” the primary content of his paintings.

Layers of acrylic paint have replaced the wet plaster, while color and texture are still the driving force in his abstracts. Schuyler scrapes and sands the surfaces of his paintings using a technique known as ”scraffito”. This technique adds to the luminosity and depth of color in each piece. Their rough texture alludes to a passionate physicality, while simplicity of color and form reflects a cool logic, a balance inherent in all of Schuyler’s paintings. Always innovating and experimenting, John recently began working on plexiglass.

This has enabled his to achieve even more luminosity and depth in each glass piece.

Schuyler’s paintings can be found in private collections around the world.